Introducing Rep Activity Reports: See Sales Team Performance in One Dashboard

Imagine you’ve recently coached a rep on monologuing. How do you know if they’re getting better?

Your answer might be they’re closing more deals, the calls you’ve listened to have less monologues, or the rep says they’ve improved.

While these answers aren’t bad, without data, they are just guesses. Is the rep actually monologuing less and what outcome is that contributing too? With Rep Activity Reports, you can actually see what’s contributing to a reps performance across all of their calls.

For the first time, you’ll be able to see how your reps stack up and how their performance changes over time. This feature finally shines light into the black box of all rep conversations, not just the ones they ask for feedback on or share during coaching sessions.

animation showing a sales rep's improvement over time in ExecVision's conversation intelligence software

This card provides a quick glance at how a rep’s call volume and length compares to the previous week underneath their name. You also see a rep’s average call score and trends in that score over the last three months. This score is calculated from call scorecards filled out by the rep, their peers, and their manager and adds another layer of visibility to performance over time.

The scatter plot reveals a rep’s conversation style. Does the rep have a good talk-to-listen ratio? Do their conversations have a natural back-and-forth (interchanges) or is the rep going off on monologues? This matrix tells you how the front line is communicating and allows you to compare the conversation styles of top performers to that of you B and C players. In the image above, you can see how Alex, who is a top performer, improved his talk-to-listen ratio and became an outlier on the scatter plot.

Breaking Down Call Activity

Underneath the overview card, you get a breakdown of a rep’s call activities. This is where you can dive into average conversation length, the number of dials, and how much time a rep spends speaking on the phone.

Sales rep call activities in ExecVision

Review Activities

Self-reflection is a part of any good coaching process. Now you can see how much time your reps are dedicating to reviewing their own calls. You’ll also receive an overview of their review activities including comments and score cards.

Rep review activities card in ExecVision

Since many of our clients have peer-to-peer coaching programs, the toggle above the pie chart will show you how much a rep is listening to their peers calls, and if they are providing feedback.

Coaching Activities

Sales leaders–this card is pivotal to understanding if your managers are coaching. Watch this message from Steve to understand why it’s so important:

Day-by-Day Call Records

The last card allows you to see day-by-day call activity. Here you can access all of a rep’s calls for the week and the outcomes of those calls. This is especially handy for coaching calls in between meetings or when you find five minutes in your day.

Rep review activities card in ExecVision

You’ll also be able to spot patterns in productivity levels on the card. This is helpful for identifying when your team is productive and if there are specific times of the day that produce better results.

If you haven’t already, log in to ExecVision, click on the new Metrics tab, and get ready to take your coaching to the next level with Rep Activity Reports.

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