Get Ready to Get More Out of Your Sales Calls with HubSpot + ExecVision

We’re excited to announce an all new integration between ExecVision and HubSpot. HubSpot CRM is rapidly becoming one of the top CRM technologies on the market and we are pleased to provide HubSpot CRM users with actionable data, directly from your sales call recordings. These recordings can be from the native HubSpot dialer or another telephony provider.

This integration makes it easy to uncover what’s really being said on calls, providing deeper insights into every deal, won or lost. The platform ingests, transcribes, and analyzes calls and indexes them with your CRM account and opportunity information. Reps, managers, and sales leaders can use the data and corresponding calls to quickly get up to speed on deals or to uncover the turning point that led to a specific outcome. Find out where your reps are struggling the most by reviewing coachable moments flagged by ExecVision’s built-in artificial intelligence.

The ExecVision + HubSpot CRM integration empowers your reps to take control of their development. They can virtually raise their hand to ask managers to review a call they rocked, or one where they know it could have gone better. Managers can also build out best-practice libraries to be used for ongoing learning and skill development. Reps can use these libraries when they’re struggling with specific skills like qualification questions and objection handling or when they find themselves in a rut and need some inspiration.

Integrating HubSpot with ExecVision unlocks the power to transform your sales team and their conversations. Conversation intelligence users see a reduction in onboarding and ramp time, performance improvement across the middle of the pack, and an increase in win rates. Unsure of bottlenecks and roadblocks in your sales process? Utilize conversation intelligence software to uncover sentiment and reactions to messaging without waiting for lagging indicators to signal an issue. ExecVision allows its users to hear the raw, unfiltered voice of the customer from the very first sales call through renewal conversations.

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