Closing a Sales Call

Apply these sales closing techniques to the last five minutes of your meetings to transform your closing effectiveness.



December 12, 2017


Sales closing techniques

This call camp, we were excited to have Mike Dennis, an independent sales consultant, join us. Mike works with top sales teams to develop their talent and help them close deals.

“Closing a sales call” gets a bad rap these days, often evoking visions of Alec Baldwin screaming about coffee and steak knives. The truth is that Closing is the most important element of any sales call and one that most salespeople struggle to execute effectively. Sale closing techniques are also one of the simplest elements to coach and the area where sales managers and account executives will see quick returns on their coaching time invested. Listen to this episode of Call Camp to learn how this simple Sales Closing framework will help you to:

  • Eliminate assumptions and stop guessing
  • Qualify and disqualify opportunities
  • Be a better partner for your prospect
  • Forecast more accurately
  • Invest your time more efficiently
  • Control the sales process
  • Drive urgency
  • Close more deals in your sales calls