How To Cold Call For Sales: Catch Them At Hello

Most cold calls are won & lost within the first 60 seconds–Do you know how to cold call for sales and get a yes?



October 24, 2017


Cold calling

Learn how master cold-callers shave the dice in order to stack the odds in their favor.

In this Call Camp, Steve Richard and Chad Burmeister of TalentReef deep dive into cold call best practices for making sure your attempts are successful.

In this webinar, you’ll hear real cold call introductions, and learn about:

  • Permission to continue — does your approach depend on who you call?
  • Using empathy right off the bat
  • Shocking value statement
  • What to do with calls that don’t lead to a meeting
  • The obligatory call

As always, we listen to examples of how to make cold calls “in the wild” on real-world calls between sellers and potential prospects.