Our Mission

To provide executives with the conversation insight and tools to help drive their team’s performance

At ExecVision, we wake up every morning with one simple goal in mind. How can we help our customers better understand and leverage their business conversations so they can drive their bottom line? Most companies we’ve spoken with record calls in one form or another, yet the majority of them don’t know what to do with those calls once they’ve been captured. So ExecVision was born.

We believe conversations are the fuel that drive business interaction, and more importantly business performance. Throughout the history of business, the way we communicate has evolved, and so has the technologies that help improve them. Enter ExecVision. Born as the brainchild of Steve Richard and David Stillman, ExecVision was forged in the fires of practice. As Cofounders of Vorsight, a sales focused Inc. 5000 company for multiple years, Steve and David understand the importance and value of conversation insights. Our mission at ExecVision is simple – to provide executives with a platform that can help them unlock the value in the countless conversations that are happening in their business every day. Better insight, better conversations, better results – period.

Our Inspiration

Most people would agree that necessity is the mother of invention, and this is what inspired us to create ExecVision. If you’ve ever worked in sales, recruiting, or any other profession where the majority of your interactions occur over the phone – you’ve probably had a manager that always tried to inspire you to make “One More Call”. At ExecVision we strive to help you make that next call is better than the last. Our inspiration comes from our first hand experience – that better conversations lead to better performance.