Call Intelligence Software

Signals for Executives

Our call intelligence software takes the guess work out of managing sales performance. We filter through the noise and provide alerts (we call them signals) for key call recordings that need to be analyzed and used for coaching. By automatically alerting you to conversations that contain important keywords you select, you can enable your team to provide consistent and efficient coaching that will increase close rates and improve customer retention.

Customizable Reporting

We’ve all stared at reports with raw data that made no sense. ExecVision’s call intelligence software provides unmatched visibility into the key areas of business you care about, so you can focus on driving your company forward.

Empower Management

Savvy business leaders know they can’t do it all, so they entrust their managers with employee development and performance coaching to ensure that every member of the organization is running on all cylinders, all the time.

Actionable Intelligence

Raw data is meaningless unless given form and structure. We provide conversation intelligence that you can use as the foundation for action. Our insights help you create effective sales strategies and make better decisions, faster.

Manage Compliance & Risk

In certain industries, every interaction with a customer is a potential liability. Our call intelligence software makes it easy to mitigate risks. Scan calls for critical keywords and coaching opportunities to stay on top of the conversations that are happening in your business.

We Go Where You Go

Too busy to be tied down to your laptop? No worries, use our mobile app to access calls and insights directly on your phone. Listen to your call playlist, or find opportunities for team performance coaching when riding the metro, or anywhere on the go.

Peace of Mind

Business leaders are busier than ever these days. The most important value ExecVision delivers to executives is peace of mind. Monitor how your business is represented in crucial conversations with little to no impact on your day.