Customer Intelligence Analytics

Signals for Marketers

Our platform provides marketers with direct access to the conversations happening with prospects and customers. You can search calls by keyword, share snippets of calls with colleagues, and even save the most important conversations to a library. Discover first hand how ExecVision’s customer intelligence analytics can help you understand your customer’s pain points and speak their language –inspiring powerful content and marketing strategies to drive growth like never before.

Obtain Market Awareness

Better understand your company’s position within your market through customer intelligence analytics. Identify specific values and differentiators directly from the conversations that occur with your customers daily.

Get to the Good Stuff

Take the fluff out of collateral and sales enablement materials. By understanding the things your customers care about, your team can design a customer driven strategy, and drive conversions with confidence.

Understand Customer Intelligence

Uncover what really drives conversions and buying decisions directly from your customers and prospects. Then use what you’ve learned to create more effective marketing strategies.

Measure Results In Real Time

Easily measure customer driven marketing strategies and campaigns in real time, comparing correlations between tagged words and call search abilities. Drill down into customer intelligence analytics to find what works, and pivot before your competition does.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Understand what your customers are saying about your competition. Gain insight to better leverage organizational strengths and create a customer driven strategy to capture more market share.