Sales Coaching Software

For Sales Engagement Optimization

  • As the Coach of your sales team, you have the important job of providing both leadership and guidance. ExecVision’s sales coaching software enables you to deliver the necessary combination of sales training support, effective sales coaching, and call management, so you can improve your team’s performance. Our call analytics dashboard unlocks deep conversational insights and provides the actionable intelligence needed to coach better. ExecVision’s mission is to empower sales coaches with the right tools and sales training support – so every time your reps get on the phone they’re confident in their abilities to close deals.

Speed Up New Hire Ramp Time

Decrease the amount of time it takes for your new sales reps to hit the ground running, by increasing the amount of live training and role playing they’ll experience in their first weeks of sales training.

Provide Effective Sales Coaching

Reference the individual performance of reps or your entire team. Compare specific individuals against team averages, and easily identify and tailor sales call coaching where needed.

Drive Performance

Utilize the tools within ExecVision to incorporate into your own sales process systems. Create countless effective combinations to address any hurdles or challenges your sales teams might have.

Establish Best Practices

Develop a library of best practices for your team by tagging conversations that stand out. Use real examples to outline the genome of what a great sales call looks like for your organization, or a specific product within it.

Manage In Real Time

Real time conversation insights allows you to manage your team more efficiently with access to real time data and analytics. Achieve peace of mind by better understanding the interactions your team is having.

Keep Teams Engaged

Provide instant feedback, tags, and comments on individual calls, or to the overall team. Regular touch points show the team you’re engaged, which will motivate them to improve their selling skills.

For Sales Development

  • If Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are the quarterbacks of every strong sales team, we like to think of our conversation analysis software as the game film. Sure SDRs may not score the touchdowns, but they play a very important role in getting that “ball” to the end zone. There is always pressure on SDRs to throw the right “balls” and to get them to their mark every time. ExecVision’s sales call analysis helps SDRs convert more “passes” into leads, and more conversations into conversions.

Qualify More Consistently

Help your sales development teams increase their consistency of information gathering on leads and prospects. Establish a cadence to drive better overall qualification of potential customers.

Make Your Calls Count

There are few second chances when it comes to sales development. A bad first impression can kill a deal before it even starts. Practice off the field, makes you play better when you’re in the field.

Elevate Your Game

Easily align messaging with your prospects’ issues, goals, objectives and concerns. Our sales coaching software includes Call Review--allowing you to quickly identify and communicate the things that matter most.

Crush Your Metrics

The best Sales Developers understand that simply making more calls doesn’t yield you the lead conversions you strive for. Don’t just make more calls -- concentrate on having better, more focused conversations when someone picks up.

For Sales Executives

  • As the scoring receivers of the sales world, a Sales Executive’s goal should be to catch every “ball” and run with it — until they score and put points on the board for their team. When every single interaction matters so much, and every dropped “ball” is a missed opportunity — ExecVision provides the game film and sales coaching tools necessary to ensure that Sales Executives have both the training and confidence they need to play and win every time.

Competitive Intelligence

Learn to identify the competition early on and easily overcome objections in the sales process. Provide your team the ability to create effective strategies to convert leads to revenue more often.

Improve Sales Strategy

A better understanding of your team’s sales performance leads to the creation of better sales strategies. ExecVision helps you unlock the actionable intelligence in every call, so you can make data driven sales decisions.

Stay Prepared

The best Account Execs know that being an effective closer means heavily preparing before important sales meetings. Better information simply translates to being better prepared every time.

Close with Confidence

Build your communication skills and confidence by reviewing your individual game film and measuring your performance with every call. Understand the hurdles that keep you from closing with confidence.