The Mental Game of Sales: A Personal Interview with Jill Konrath

During MOMENTUM 2020, we focused on the multiple factors that must converge to drive business performance: a great product, solid strategy, amazing employees, performance data and employee development. During these challenging times, it’s imperative to address the mental game of sales, too—an area that many sellers struggle with, yet few talk about.

To close out this conference, Steve Richard sat down with Jill Konrath, internationally recognized sales expert, keynote speaker and bestselling author to discuss:

  • How to keep yourself up in a down economy
  • What salespeople should focus on when times are tough
  • How sellers can optimize their effectiveness
  • Strategies sales leaders can use to help their teams win more deals
  • …and more
Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath
Internationally Recognized Sales Expert, Keynote Speaker, & Best-Selling Author

Steve Richard

Steve Richard
Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist