Meet the Team

ExecVision originated out of an internal tool used by our appointment scheduling business.
Coming from a service based business, we're not your typical SaaS Company.
We're a software AND services company, committed to our customers.

Our team is constantly growing and comprised of a dynamic mix of Entrepreneurs, Sales Leaders, Dev & Tech Gurus,
and Bottom Line Hard-Workers, dedicated to building a World-Class SaaS Company.


  • David embodies the spirit of a true Entrepreneur. A founder of three successful businesses, he fosters an infectious mindset of collaboration & innovation throughout every aspect of the business.

    David's involvement at ExecVision well surpasses the traditional responsibilities of a CEO. While steering the direction of the organization, he can often be found playing a role in anything from helping sales close those tricky deals, to facilitating strategic partnerships with other SaaS organizations.

    David Stillman
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Steve's mission & life's work is helping sales professionals become wildly successful. Each of the three companies Steve's played a founding role in exemplify this dedication to the betterment of sales organizations.

    At ExecVision, Steve leads the sales & marketing departments, but due to his compassion for sales, he can often be found delving into customer success, eager to help customers leverage ExecVision to improve the most important aspect of sales; conversation quality.

    Steve Richard
    Chief Revenue Officer


  • Reuben wrote his first software program at age 8, and ever since then, he's been hooked. A technology leader and entrepreneur, Reuben’s passion lies in making useful and human centric products.

    As the CTO, Reuben leads the charge for the ever evolving dev team at ExecVision. From strategically planning new features and functions, to bug fixes & QA, and even pinch hitting as a sales engineer, he plays an integral role moving our technology and company forward.

    Reuben Firmin
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Eric has a passion for enhancing business processes through the use of technology. An admitted ‘ nut’, he’s a junkie for business logic, problem solving, and object oriented databases.

    At ExecVision Eric heads up both our internal and customer facing technical operations. Whether it's developing a customer support portal, building out new integrations, or even developing this web-page, Eric's the go to guy to figure it out and get it done.

    Eric White
    Engineering Quality
  • With a love for people and problem solving, Ghizlaine helps ExecVision’s customers get the most value out of their conversations, making her a true fit to lead the Customer Success Team.

    She works closely with diverse teams across a variety of industries to help them understand what works, what doesn’t, and how to improve performance. When she isn’t helping customers achieve their goals, Ghizlaine can be found copywriting & designing engagement programs.

    Ghizlaine Mallek
    Customer Success
  • Ted is dedicated to the development of the sales profession at all levels, with a proven track record of building successful sales functions across start-up’s & enterprise organizations.

    An early member of the ExecVision Sales Team, while he’s not closing deals, Ted is focused on developing a methodical sales process, covering everything from lead acquisition, building out the SDR function, and bridging the gap between sales & customer success.

    Ted Martin
    Sales Executive
  • Ben is an ambitious and levelheaded sales professional with a lifelong passion for technology who takes pride in his ability to spot opportunity, explain value and deliver results.

    As a Sales Development Representative, Ben is often the first person that our clients interact with. His mission is to research, discover, get through to and foster excitement in the right executives at high-potential companies in order to help close deals and generate revenue.

    Ben Bronsther
    Sales Development
  • Kevin Coleman
    Sales Development
  • Alex Tesfamicael
    Sales Development
  • Julia Fishman
    Support Specialist
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