Turn Every Rep into a Top Performer

ExecVision is the only conversation intelligence platform that doubles as a sales coaching software.

On Average, Sales Managers Only Spend 20% of Their Time Coaching

Sales managers are tasked with more responsibilities and larger teams than ever before. On top of that, with the help of modern technologies, individual reps are able to generate 2-3x more activity than they could in the past.

Without the right sales training resources, managers have no way to identify who needs the most attention, what went wrong, what’s driving performance gaps, and what they need to do to make their reps better.

ExecVision gives managers the sales enablement tools they need to onboard, coach, and retain sales talent at scale.

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Conversation Intelligence for Sales Teams

Improve The Performance Bell Curve, Develop Talent, And Enhance The Customer Journey

Improve Sales Onboarding Times

Onboarding new talent is one of the biggest expenses an organization faces. ExecVision lets you create best practice libraries, where reps can learn from real conversations with real customers. Call libraries allow reps to learn from your best performers without disrupting them.

Drive Coaching Activities

What if your managers could automatically know what needs attention and hold reps accountable to improve? ExecVision comes with a suite of sales coaching features including a coaching corner where managers can set goals, schedule follow up meetings, and track rep performance.

Enhance Customer Data

CRMs give organizations the ability to see where revenue is in the sales pipeline, but lack the ability to show why or what reps did to move that revenue through the pipeline. ExecVision fills that gap, providing insights into the conversations that are driving your deals forward.