Spot Churn Indicators and Upsell Opportunities

ExecVision’s customer success analytics provide constant access to the unbiased, unaltered voice of the customer.

Provide Your Team with the Tools & Analytics Needed to Make Every Customer Interaction a Success

Customer success teams face hundreds if not thousands of unique client requests everyday. Managers need the ability to coach calls effectively without constantly shadowing calls, and direct their team to real examples of successful customer interactions.

ExecVision provides customer success teams with customer interaction analytics, giving customer success reps the ability to escalate issues to other stakeholders like support, QA, product, and corporate leadership. In addition to analytics, ExecVision gives team leaders the ability to quickly onboard, train, and develop their reps, ensuring quality customer facing interactions.

See It Live

Conversation Intelligence for Customer Success Teams

Know What Delights, What Disappoints, How It Happened, And How It Was Handled

Easily Scale Your Team

Onboarding new customer success reps can be time consuming and tiresome. Our customer success management tools make scaling your success team easy with features like best-practice-libraries.

Efficient & Effective Training

It’s impossible for managers to be on every call, but, now they don’t have to be. ExecVision uses customer interaction analytics to automatically tell managers where they need to pay attention, and lets them coach on-the-go.

Leverage Customer Voice

The larger an organization becomes, the easier it is to lose the voice of the customer. ExecVision’s customer service tools captures tone, emotion, and sentiment -- providing key customer data that is easily missed.