A Solution For Every Role

At ExecVision we understand that our platform needs to be as versatile as its customers are. We kept that in mind when we created our platform. So whether you’re a sales professional trying improve your performance, or a marketer driven to better understand your customers, we have made ExecVision a robust solution to address all of your problems. No matter what your role, or how you plan to use our software, we recognize that the only measurement that matters at the end of the day is ROI. Here are some ways that our customers have achieved ROI through ExecVision.

ExecVision For Sales

Whether you’re a sales manager, sales executive, or sales development rep – your main focus is driving conversions. ExecVision can help you improve your team’s performance by giving you direct insight into your team’s personal “game film” footage. Imagine the ability to listen to sales calls, and then review them specifically to identify areas for improvement, customer key moments, and improve your conversion rates. We strive to make every conversation you have better than the last. In sales, better conversations equate to better performance.
Sales Use Cases

ExecVision For Marketers

The best marketing teams are data driven and customer focused. Relying on gut instincts isn’t an effective way to create marketing strategies that drive ROI. ExecVision allows marketing team’s direct visibility into the conversations that are occurring with their current customer, and prospects. Great marketers know It isn’t enough just to analyze data, they need the right insights that drive the right actions, and more importantly drive the bottom line.
Marketer Use Cases

ExecVision For Executives

There are two types of business executives: 1) The ones that work ON their business (strategy), and 2) The ones that work IN their business (Execution). No matter which ever one you are, it’s tough to stay on TOP of your business. But can you afford to not know what’s going on? When every decision you make is critical to your company’s growth, you still need to back your intuition and business know-how with actual data and insights… We can help.
Executive Use Cases

ExecVision For Customer Success

Customer success people fulfill multiple roles in most companies. As kings of multi-tasking, they can’t drop the ball, or you might find that a customer has dropped your business. ExecVision makes their life easier by giving them unrivaled access to what’s going on in their customer’s minds. This makes keeping customers happy and headache free – much easier. Drive your customer renewal rates and overall satisfaction through ExecVision.
Customer Success Use Cases