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Sales Coaching Success Kit

Want to coach your sales team into all-star players with conversation intelligence? Get the Sales Coaching Success Kit with four great assets to help you upskill your team and drive more revenue.

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Robot Using Computer Mouse

Computers Can’t Coach: Why Humans Will Always Be Critical to Sales Coaching

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Artificial intelligence has ingrained itself so much in our daily lives.  Today, AI-powered systems help us…

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quality assurance person listening to calls at their laptop

Measuring Call Quality: Live Monitoring Vs Post-Call Coaching

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Evaluating customer interaction quality is important for any contact center. To provide the best customer experience…

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Two saleswomen reviewing a GROW coaching plan together

Coaching for Performance: Effective Models for Sales Teams

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Coaching is the most effective tool for managers to improve sales performance. There are various types…

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Customer Stories

The Madison Square Garden Company Logo

"Our teams watch the game film to improve on the court and the ice. When sales reps and managers heard their own tape, their calls got better overnight and it transformed our culture."

– John Abbamondi, EVP, Ticketing, Suites & Hospitality

Madison Square Garden
Levelset Logo

"We were able to uncover that [a reactive conversation] was happening and coach the team out of that. Now whenever a new CSM starts, they listen to call libraries based around proactive vs reactive instances."

– Gretchen Lynn, VP of Customer Experience

Hanover Research Logo

"I was struck by how simple ExecVision is to navigate and how quick and easy it is for managers and directors to review calls."

- Sid Philips, Chief Growth Officer

Hanover Research
QGenda Logo

"The biggest differentiator was not just the platform, it was the level of engagement & trust that I felt from the ExecVision team.”"

– Frank Tumminia, VP of Sales


Whitepapers & Ebooks

Building a Coaching Culture

Uncover how to build a coaching culture that drives behavior change and delivers more revenue for your organization.

Contact Center Coaching Kit

Make every agent a top performer. Download the Contact Center Coaching Kit with three assets to help you coach and develop your team while increasing customer satisfaction and revenue.

Primer on Call Recording Laws

Call recording can wreak havoc on sales teams. Find out what you need to know with our Primer on Call Recording Laws.


The Sociology of Sales Culture
September 26, 2019

Culture isn’t about perks or snacks, but instead is what happens when leadership isn’t around.

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The Science of Call Coaching
July 31, 2019

In this webinar, we will dive into the science of providing feedback to your reps that actually drives behavior change.

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Call Camp

For Reps
How to Lose a Call in 10 Seconds
Cold call introductions
May 23, 2019
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For Reps
Call Scripts vs Frameworks Showdown
Call scripts and frameworks
April 23, 2019
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For Reps
Get to the Point–Work Leads Faster & Book More Meetings
Working inbound and outbound leads
March 19, 2019
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